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Atticism, abradant, abrasive, acculturation, acquired taste, aluminum oxide, ameliorate, appreciation of excellence, appropriateness, auto polish, beautify, better, breeding, brighten, brighten up, brightness, brilliance, brush up, buff, bump off, burnish, chasteness, chastity, choiceness, civility, civilization, civilized taste, civilizedness, clarity, classicalism, classicism, clean, clearness, colcothar, comeliness, con, conclude, consume, correct, correctness, corundum, crocus, cultivate, cultivated taste, cultivation, culture, daintiness, delicacy, destroy, develop, dignity, directness, discrimination, dispatch, dispose of, distinction, do away with, do in, dress, ease, eat, education, elaborate, elegance, elegancy, eliminate, embellish, emend, emery, emery board, emery paper, enculturation, end, enhance, enlightenment, evolve, excellence, fastidiousness, felicitousness, felicity, file, finesse, finish, fittingness, fix, flow, flowing periods, fluency, freshen, furbish, furbish up, garnet, genteelness, gentility, gentlemanlikeness, gentlemanliness, gentleness, glance, glaze, gleam, glint, gloss, glow, good breeding, good taste, grace, gracefulness, gracility, graciosity, graciousness, improve, kill, ladylikeness, lawn-roller, learn, limpidity, liquidate, lucidity, luster, mature, mend, murder, nail file, naturalness, neatness, niceness, nicety, oil, patina, pellucidity, perfect, perspicuity, plainness, polish off, polish up, polishes, propriety, pumice, pumice stone, purity, put away, quality, radiance, rasp, refine, refinement, renovate, repair, restraint, retouch, review, revive, ripen, roller, rottenstone, rouge, round, rub, rub out, rub up, sand, sandblast, sandpaper, scour, scrub, season, seemliness, sheen, shine, shoe polish, silicon carbide, silver polish, simplicity, slay, sleek, sleeker, slick, slick down, slicker, smooth, smoother, smoothness, socialization, sophistication, sparkle, spruce, spruce up, straightforwardness, study, subtlety, taste, tastefulness, terminate, terseness, tone up, touch up, unaffectedness, vamp, vamp up, varnish, wax, wolf down

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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